12th January 2019

1977 Graham and Denis Cook


  • I have just been looking at your new Bloody Mary web page. I am listed as the winning helm in 1977 sailing a Graduate but my crew's name is shown as not known.  It was in fact my father Denis Cook. He passed away some years ago having emigrated to Australia (with his Graduate). I would be delighted if you could complete the result for 1977 by adding his name in the crew 'slot' to give him the recognition he deserves.
  • I can still picture the end of that race with the finish boats motoring slowing ahead of us as the final seconds ticked away with a National twelve getting ever closer (one of the Martin's I recall). Luckily we held on.
  • I will be there again this year with at least two of my children -  you never know ......

Many thanks in advance,  Graham Cook

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