12th January 2019


Bloody Mary Sponsorship



 There is a very straight forward sponsorship structure for The Bloody Mary and this helps ensure we meet the expectations of our sponsor. We follow a popular three tier model as described below. 

Title Sponsor

 One title sponsor forms a strategic alignment with the event and enjoys headline representation, significant brand profiling and extensive media exposure. 

Silver sponsors

 A small number of supporting sponsors reinforce the brand values of the event and enjoy a focused level of association. We are conscious by application that Silver sponsors don't conflict with the title sponsor or each other. Sponsors will have extensive marketing opportunities both at the event and digitally with participants, visitors, and sailing fans. 

Supporting Partners

 Official suppliers to the event provide products and services such as prizes and sound equipment that the event would otherwise have to procure. The event recognises this valuable support and a number of advertising options are available that do not conflict with our other event sponsors.   

What is Sponsorship used for?

 Sponsorship is vital for three key areas 

  • Firstly to keep the competitor price low and maintain our 'excellent value for money' status.
  • Secondly to provide the safety levels required for a mass participation winter event.
  • Thirdly it allows is to develop and improve the event and service for competitors.

   This focus on service and development whilst maintaining great value safeguards the legacy and the magic of the Bloody Mary. Sailors return year after year and new sailors inspired for the largest pursuit race in theUK, regularly achieving over 300 boats and followed by fans around the world.   To start conversation and get involved please contact Tony Bishop at QMSC by email tony.bishop@queenmary.org.uk    

Time Lapse by Sportography

  Thank you to our Sponsors